Manitoba’s Home for Taxidermy. Here are a few reasons why:

1 Modern Techniques

Being right up to date with new and modern taxidermy techniques is what separates my work from 90% of that out there.

2 New Equipment

Taxidermy is an age-old practice, but that doesn’t mean your tools need to be! I utilize modern equipment to gain ever advantage possible in creating the masterpiece you deserve.

3 Premium Quality Forms & Materials

I learned early on, you never cut costs on the forms, or the materials when creating a mount. The mount is ultimately only as good as the foundation it’s built on, so I only use the best foundations!

4 Dedication and Commitment

Taxidermy is all I do! It’s not a part time job, it’s not a passtime… it’s what I do, period! I’ve dedicated myself to the art of taxidermy and this shows in every piece of work I produce.

5 Experience

I’ve been involved with taxidermy for over 20 years. And been a full time taxidermist for 16 years. There is so much more I know now then on the 1st mount I did. The experience I’ve had on every single mount has taught me something that makes me a better taxidermist today. All that I’ve learned from that experience goes into my mounts everyday.

6 Beginning to End Consistency

You wouldn’t want 5 different artists painting the same piece of art. And you don’t want 5 different taxidermists working on the same mount either! Some taxidermists hand off different parts of the taxidermy process to different people. In the end you’ll get a mount that had 5 different people’s opinions go into it and no single consistent vision through out. I work on the same mount from beginning to end, no exceptions. You’re guaranteed to have a beautiful piece of work when it’s done.


“From dusk until dawn, sunrise to sun set After discomfort and pain have long been forgotten Amidst shivers and sweat; energy and exhaustion Somewhere between hunger and satisfaction, All thirsts are eventually quenched, when frustration brings humility, sadness gives away to exhilaration Hope generates deep accomplishment by realizing challenges met. Through it all, the hunter carefully plans his chase With but a simple prayer, asking for only one fair chance. The rest is dreaming time.”

– Gene Wensel

Manitoba Taxidermist

Winnipeg & Manitoba Taxidermist - Learn About Darren Here...My lifelong Passion for hunting has made me who I am today. I am constantly striving to become the best taxidermist I can be. Constantly learning new modern techniques, studying animals in the natural environment and much more. Click here to learn more about me and what I do…



How To Prepare Your Animal

Best Taxidermy Preperation TechniquesDid you just harvest the animal of your life! To make sure you get the mount of your dreams you’ll wanna make sure you follow our easy guide to preparing your animal for us.



See Recent Work

Recent Taxidermy WorkI’ve done some very interesting work recently. Thank you to everyone bringing in the beautiful animals, it is an honor to be able to work on them. Click here to see a gallery of some of the recent work I’ve done…