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Wild North Taxidermy Reviews and Testimonials

Wild North Taxidermy Review
I would just like to thank you Mr Shipp for being such a kind person. When I brought you my sons first whitetail to get the antlers padded I asked if you can have them done by Christmas, you said no problem. When I received your call on December 18 saying his antlers were ready to be picked up, the look in my sons eyes were full of excitement. And when my son and I came to your studio you asked him about his hunt, he told you the whole entire story, and you sat back and listened to the whole thing, and when he was finally done you shook my 12 year old boys hand and said congratulations handed him his antlers said merry Christmas and didn’t charge him for your fine work. That right there meant the world to him and myself. You took the time out of your busy day to sit back and listen to a youth tell his hunting story, that made him feel like a man. In my opinion you are the best taxidermist in Manitoba. Thanks Again and God Bless you!
– Patrick Boyd
Wild North Taxidermy Review
Thank you Thank you Thank you Darren, You took that donkey looking mount that I had taken to one of the local taxidermists here, and re mounted him for me. I just could not stand looking at that thing on my wall anymore. You sure know your whitetail. The detail on my deer blew me away, I did not know deer had that many muscles showing in their neck and face. I hope to bring you another one in the fall. Oh yeah great web site lots of helpful information. Take Care
– Rob Henkel
Manitoba Wildlife Federation
Sometimes, out of the blue and totally unexpected, the nicest things happen. Such is the case of this Whitetail mount donated by Darren Shipp of Wild North Taxidermy in Winnipeg. Darren dropped it off after talking to staff at the Boat Show this past March.  The doe has “snow” on it, so realistic it even fooled a couple of people into thinking it had just been brought in from outside!! We have hung the mount in our Hunter education classroom in the Federation office, much to the delight of the students who have only ever seen a buck mount.  A few weeks ago, Darren stopped by the office, with yet another donation! This time he brought a gift certificate for a Whitetail mount, which we will us in one of our fundraising events! Thank you Darren – your generosity is very much appreciated.
– Manitoba Wildlife Federation