The Passion

My name is Darren Shipp. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but most of my upbringing was in eastern Manitoba in and around the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Growing up in the outdoors has been a great journey and experience simply because of the beauty of the lakes, rivers and wildlife. At the age of seven I was introduced to trapping, hunting and fishing, at which point my passion for bow hunting and waterfowl hunting  started almost immediately. I am a proud traditional bowhunter and Waterfowler !

At the young age of twelve years old, I harvested my first whitetail deer with a bow. My hunting experiences have taken me throughout  Canada and the United States. I have met many great people in my travels !  I sit on boards of multiple hunting organizations, and am very actively involved in promoting hunting to all age generations.

I am also a proud member and representative  of:


Zink Calls, Avian X  (Pro Staff)

Mossy Oak Brand Camo (Pro Staff)

Playno Synergy (Pro Staff)

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Manitoba Bowhunting Records (Executive / Scorer )

Professional Bowhunters Society

Pope and Young Club

Canada’s National Firearms Association



The Profession

Darren Shipp Wild North Taxidermy

Out of this passion for the outdoors and hunting was born my life’s profession and mission – to dedicate the same amount of effort and detail to preserving the natural beauty of the animal and put into harvesting it. The wildlife art created in my studio is very different from ordinary taxidermy.  Every trophy mounted is given special attention necessary to achieve a perfect wildlife creation.

On behalf of Wild North Taxidermy, I extend my deepest gratitude to my clients for being true sportsman whose efforts have saved so much of Manitoba’s game animals for future generations. Our wildlife is our priceless heritage and we have to all play a part in its conservation.

At Wild North Taxidermy, our art captures all the majesty and glory the animal possesses in life.Also on this site you sill find more that just Taxidermy information. You will find information on archery supplies, hunting supplies, gunsmiths, and much more to help you with you outdoor experience


Darren Ship Wild North Taxidermy
Darren Ship Wild North Taxidermy