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” If you have watched a pup learning the game, I do not have to tell you what it is like. And If you have not, I probably can’t – Datus Proper”

For those of you that have come to see me you were also greeted by 2 Black Labs. I am a Lab lover and have been for years. This is the breed that will do anything for you and your family. They are a working dog. When I am not bowhunting you will find me in the marsh and fields with my Black labs Caesar and Luna with shotgun in hand, as I am a waterfowl fanatic! One of my favorite things in life is watching a Lab do what they are born to do… Hunt!

A very useful tool for Lab owners ,or hopeful lab owners, is the MANITOBA GUN DOG ASSOCIATION

If you have any question you are welcome to contact me and I’d be more than happy to help you.

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