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This Mount Got a Second Life!

This Mount Got a Second Life!

Here’s a deer mount that through a little taxidermy restoration and repair, got a second chance at life!

It’s a mount I custom fixed for Cabelas last winter. When I originally had the conversation with the lady at head office, she had told me the mount fell off the wall and the “Replica” antlers broke. When I went to the head office to take a look at the mount, Yes the antlers were broken, but in 19 pieces, and the whole front of the nose was broken and hanging off as well…….Errrrr, not an easy fix, but I could fix him, and bring him back to “Life”. Here are the picks of before and after. They were very happy with the repair.



And here his is… as Magnificent as he ever was!

Taxidermy Restoration & Repair | Winnipeg Manitoba


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